Private Label Design Project

Oak and Marble co-creates custom branding solutions with businesses and individuals who wish to push their brand out to the universe via unparalleled design elements and market integration. 

Oak and Marble achieves this by acting on behalf of our client’s vision to meticulously collaborate on, and deploy Private Label Design Projects: unique and complete, go-to-market brand strategies that cater to your brand's advocates.  

Oak and Marble is formed and built upon 3 core equities:                                

* Collaborative Design.

    Oak and Marble works side by side with the client in every step:

    • From: initially analyzing the core concept(s) and commercial potential/application of a brand; to storyboarding a concepts degree of extendability,
    • Through: the development, and implementation of a Private Label Design Project.

    * Mindful Production.        

    Oak and Marble ensures responsible business practices in every stage of a project’s life-cycle:   

    • O&M employs only the very best, in-house project management and graphic design teams.
    • O&M carefully evaluates all raw products and manufacturing suppliers, holding them to the highest standards of quality, working conditions, and professional ethics.

    * Network Distribution.  

    Oak and Marble leverages the strength of mutually-beneficial relationships:

    • O&M deeply respects the value of working relationships built upon honesty, trust, and reliability.
    • O&M is proud to possess an unduplicated network of relationships that can turn conceptual opportunities into real-world, Private Label Design Project success.


    As every Private Label Design Project is a true collaboration,

    please call 303.304.0338 or email

    to set up an in-person consultation.


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